question about umbrella cockatoo

by Maura
(Franklin, IN)

My Umbrella cockatoo has had loose droppings since an intestinal infection about 2 months ago. His droppings at the time contained high bacteria and was treated with Baytril, and Amoxcillin. Since, his droppings have not been normal.

He has been re-tested, and Uric Acid and his panel's are normal, however there is NO bacteria whatsoever in his droppings. He does not appear to be digesting his pellets totally and has not lost gram weights.(668 grams)

Do you have any suggestions for myself or my capable vet to try? We also have been giving him yogurt to try to produce bacteria for digestion.

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Jul 13, 2009

i am having a new problem. my umbrella is 12 years old and we hand weaned him from formula.
he as always been gentle(loud and demending as umbrella's are) however he has in the last 3 weeks started biting me and not my husband. Is his hormone's finally kicking in?

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Dec 02, 2008
by: Maura

I tried Harrison's and he would not eat it 3 days straight. None of my parrots would touch it.
He has been on PrettyBird for 11 years and I called the manufacturer and verified there was no change in dye's or formulation. After reading the ingredients in Harrison's I was concerned since the main ingredient is sunflower seeds, and a "seed" diet is not recommended for caged birds since sunflower seeds are higher in fat content.

Editors note: I have a bird that was weaned to pellets and would not eat seed for over a year because it didn't see it as food. Now it loves seed but look how long it took! Three days is not enough time for some birds to recognize something as food.

If you are concerned about the fat content, look at the label and you will see that the Adult Lifetime is not high fat. Birds need some fat and seed is not bad for them. All seed is bad for them because they are not wild birds getting exercise while foraging for food.

Nov 22, 2008
by: Lori

I have had really good luck with Avi-culture avian specific probiotic. I saw it in Bird talk magazine and ordered it off the internet. I mix it in their water and change it everyday. I use it twice a week when healthy and everyday if they are on antibiotics. Its been two years since any of my birds have been sick. I also use harrisons pellets and organic seeds.

Nov 20, 2008
Umbrella Cockatoo with infection
by: The Vet

Antibiotics will cause this problem. However, it usually resolves itself in a couple or three weeks after the antibiotics are stopped. Yogurt works well in people, but it does not help birds, and in fact if you use a dairy yogurt, then the problem will only get worse because birds are naturally lactose intolerant.

Unfortunately there is not bacterial replacement on the market that is effective in birds. It could also be the diet that is contributing to this problem. You should switch your bird to Harrison's pellets. This food is the best you can feed and studies have shown that it sets up the gut to improve the growth of normal bacteria.

Dr B

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