Question ignored?

by Jade
(San Diego Ca)

I wrote in about my conures mating constantly and never producing any eggs. Im not sure why everyone elses questions have been answered in a timely fashion and mine hasnt. It is possible that I dont know where to look to view the answer, but the only place I am able to even find my post is to go through my email and click on the link. I dont even think my post in on here visible to the public anymore. Just incase I got lost in the shuffle here is a copy of my original post again. Thank you in advance for any help...

I have two conures, Male (Jack-Jack) is a sun conure and the female (Violet) is a jenday conure. I got them both 3 years ago. They are both free roaming, meaning they have a cage with a playtop that is never closed unless they are not being supervised or at night. They have a nesting box hung inside their cage that they roost in every night, and they also go in it during they day to play and laugh.

They also have an outdoor cage where they go out and get some sun and fun during the day in the backyard. Their diet is Kaytee parrot mix every day, friuts (apples, pears, mango, pineapple, lime, etc) 3 times a week alternating with veggies (corn, broccoli, carrots, peas, etc) also 3 times a week. Now that we've covered history setup and's my question...

Once they have turned 2, they started mating. They have been actively mating now for over a year and have never produced any eggs. Just today I caught them mating 3 times in the back yard and that is an everyday thing. They have both been sexed and found to be male and female. Why no eggs?

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Sep 28, 2011
forgot to mention
by: Anonymous

Parrots do also have natural sexual needs. Some parrots can have a great need to have sex but not actually breed.

Sep 27, 2011
Thank You.....
by: Jade

Thank you so much for the answers to my questions. It does make perfect sense that they may not feel bonded enough to lay eggs but are bonded enough to mate with one another. I think a good clue to this is that I am still very able to comfortably handle, love, kiss, and play with both of them without any aggression. I have heard that once they do "Bond" and produce eggs with each other, your sacrifice is usually your "bond" with them. I also fell victim to the ignorant belief that if they are mating they are both ready and bonded enough to egg. Again thank you so very much. 80)

Sep 27, 2011
here are some reasons for you
by: Anonymous

It is possible they are not quite ready for the full thing so this can result in no egg laying. Even though they reach sexual maturity it doesn't mean they're mentally mature enough to lay eggs. It happens in some parrots.

Parrots are not maters, do not pair up instantly & hatch successful clutches the minute they reach sexual maturity. All of this takes practice, figuring out who they like, what's what & how to successfully have a clutch. For some parrots they can get it right the first time, others can take a few years to get it right.

You can also look at their cages or aviaries, general area. If they're not set up to THEIR preference they can mate but not produce eggs. Try a different next box, location, nesting material etc...

One more ting that is common in parrots. Just because you see them having sex doesn't mean they're 100% compatible & will lay & hatch successful clutches. It all has to do with how bonded they are to one another. They're not breeding machines that will mate with any of the oposite sex of their species. They choose who they will take as their partner & it is not a matter of pairing up 1 female & 1 male. It isn't that simple. Even though they seem to like each other it is possible that they're not bonded strong enough to have chicks. Their mating is a natural instinct so they can still relieve themselves by mating with each other but it can take years for some parrots to strongly bond enough to want to have successful clutches.

I am sorry your question got missed. Yes it does move down as more questions pop up & unfortunately unless you know where to look you never see it again. I have not had any internet connection issues with this site....but I will go there or I will certainly get into strife :)

Sep 26, 2011
Question not answered
by: Tracie

Your original question is at:

We have had severe Internet problems, so it does appear the question did not get answered right away. There is an answer now, sorry.

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