Question regarding YAKO's ring

by Yana
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Hello, I have a question regarding my parrot- YAKO. It has a ring and there is a note: WALUS PL. Could you please, help me whether I can find the owner-seller of this parrot. The place where we purchased it told me that the bird is home-raised ( we purchased it in Ukraine). But ring says that it is from Polland (PL) And obviously it should be registered in CITES . We need to get documentation for the parrot to transport it to another country.

My question is: how it is possible to get information from CITES where the bird was born/or any other important informationit? And do you think it is possible to arrange a passpor/international passport for the bird locally or it should be arranged only by the company-seller. Thank you.

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Jan 28, 2010
Question regarding YAKO's ring
by: Linda

If I were you, I'd contact your embassy or customs people directly and see what the requirements are. If you have a legal bill of sale for the bird from Seller, that should be all you need to be able to transport. The fact it is banded means bird is not illegally in country. The person you bought him from's name, address and contact information should be all the info you need, but not sure. Depending on where you are going, there are may be other requirements, and your embassy and customs people will be able to help you with all that. I know a valid Health Certificate will be one of the requirements, and that has to come from and be signed by a licensed Avian Vet in your area. Regular vets are NOT licensed to diagnose and treat parrots because they do not have the credentials to do so. A lot of regular vet practices have Avian vets on staff, so check into that in your area.

Also, if you are just taking your bird on a vacation, it would be healthier for the bird to stay home with friends or in a boarding facility. A Health Certificate will also be required to stay in a facility.

Bird will need blood tests to rule out any of the contageous diseases or infections. Then you can also talk with vet about any innoculations that are available and may be necessary depending on what country you are going to. As I said, unless you are moving your home to another country, don't even consider taking your bird. Short trips and vacations to other countries are no place for parrots or other pets for that matter. Just the change in climate will most likely cause your bird to become ill not to mention all the stress involved in such a trip. Also innoculations, if available and deemed necessary will bring a bird's immune system down, so make sure any of the health issues are taken care of at least a month or more before planned trip to give bird time to get back to normal. I don't advocate much in the area of innoculations because they are so hard on bird's and other pet's bodies, but you may be required to have one or more, and your Avian vet will talk with you about this.


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