Quiet Lorikeet... ? Possible?

HI I was just wondering if there is a certain species of lorikeet that is not so noisy?

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Nov 01, 2010
Quiet lorikeet possible?
by: Tracie

I can see why you would want a lorikeet, they are so beautiful. Unfortunately, they all have the possibility of making high-pitched loud calls. They also eat a fruit diet and can "shoot" their liquid poop several feet out of their cage. ;-)

You might want to check out our Parrot Comparison Chart if you are looking for the best bird for your home.

Please remember that nothing is written in stone with birds. How long they live depends on breeding, proper housing and if they are fed a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's instead of seed.

How much noise a bird makes can not really be determined by the chart either. Just like some human kids are louder and more destructive than other kids. Our green cheek conures were said to be on the quiet side, but we could hear them 100 feet away through several walls in our house.

Make sure you have a savings account ready for the annual avian vet visit and for emergencies. Just like humans, they have to go to the doctor and have to be fed a good diet.

Thanks for writing!

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