Quiet When It's Very Busy

by Amanda Eddy

My bird has been all fluffed up for a few hours and very quiet, while my house is extremely busy and loud. He looks tired and like he wants to sleep. Should I try to interact with him, or try to get him out of his fluffiness? Or should I leave him and see how he is tomorrow? HELP! ):

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Dec 03, 2011
Quiet When It's Very Busy
by: Linda

It sounds like your bird may be sick. You'll need to find an Avian Vet only in your driving area and take your bird in to be checked for infections or other physical problems. All new birds have to be examined by an Avian Vet within the first few days because most already have some kind of infection from being moved around and in contact with other birds.

Your bird also needs a quiet place to sleep especially at night. Birds need about 12 hours of darkness and quiet in which to sleep at night, and about the same of full spectrum daylight during the day. Full spectrum light does not come from a window and has to be done using full spectrum light bulbs in a fixture hung above bird's cage high up enough so bird has no access to light or cords. This is the only to provide full spectrum light for indoor birds.

So, take your bird to an avian vet to be examined for physical problems. Then, make sure your bird has a place that is quiet to sleep at night. This means another room if necessary starting at around 9pm at the latest. Your bird cannot stay up all hours with TV going and noise all around as he will not get the rest he has to have.

It sounds like he is both sick and tired, so do not delay getting him to an avian vet and getting him a quiet place to sleep away from all noise and uproar.

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