Rainbow lorikeet Food

by Megan

Hi, I just brought home a 9 week old rainbow lorikeet and I just wanted to know what to feed him. I know about the wet/dry mix but I was just wondering what else he can eat besides that as I want him to be as healthy as possible. So just like what sorts of fruits and vegies he can have as well as other stuff like rice, pasta and beans and other things like that would be really helpful.


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Jul 04, 2011
Healthy Lory Diet
by: The Avian Vet

Your lory should be eating 30-35% pellets. Lory Diet pellets and nectar

ZuPreem lory is good, Harrison?s is very good. 40-50% nectar, dry. ZuPreem lory powder is good, Goldenfeast Nectar gold is good, Roudybush lory nectar is OK. The rest of the diet should be fresh fruits, some vegetables, and you can feed a minimum of other treats such as the ones you have suggested such as cooked foods and birdie breads.

Dr B

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