Rainbow Lorikeet gender

by Madison
(Central Coast, NSW, Australia)

My bird is a rainbow lorikeet and has a red ring around its eyes does that mean she is a girl?

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Oct 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately you cannot visually sex rainbow lorikeets. Both male & female are identical. You can take the bird to an avian vet & get it DNA tested. This wil determine the sex of your bird.

(NSW avians)
Dr J Gill BVSc MVM MACVSc, Canley Heights Vet Clinic, Shop 6, Harden St & Avoca rd, Canley Heights, NSW, 02 9604 9792

Dr Alex Rosenwax BVSc MACVSc, Bird & Exotic Vet, Shop 3, Block D, 1 Hunter St, Waterloo, NSW, 02 9319 6111

Dr Mark Simpson BVSc MACVSc, Sugarloaf Animal Hospital
67 Carrington St, West Wallsend, NSW, 02 4935 1833

Dr R Perry BVSc FACVSc, Registered Bird Specialist
195 Parramatta Rd, Homebush, NSW, 02 9746 7615

Dr Karen Dobson BVSc MACVSc, Railway Row Vet Clinic
1 Station St, Emu Plains, NSW, 02 4735 3268

I am not sure about pricing but you can phone a vet & ask them.

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