Rainbow Lorikeet Partnership

by Gemma Doherty
(Sydney NSW)

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets

One of my rainbow lorikeets has died (female) leaving her partner behind i entertain him now because he is most upset but still eating and drinking. I have another pair in the avarie aswell. And im thinking that maybe one of them attacked her as the other pair do not let this pair (pictured) eat or drink and they are much older than this pair. What else can or should i do to help himmy little friend throught this situaton?

Do you recommend i go and buy another Female for him to bond with? I had her for a few months and when i bought her he took to her straight away.

Picture: Skye (left side died-female)
Bow (right side alive-Male)

any infomation would helpme Greatly thanks.

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Jul 05, 2013
My poor bird
by: Sophie

hey one of my birds died and i can't decide whether or not to get another male.
2 weeks ago my male bird died somehow over night and my female is lonely. Should I get another male or should i just entertain her
please message me if you have an answer and I'm only eleven so please word it easy...

Thanks Sophie

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Dec 03, 2009
Rainbow Lorikeet Partnership
by: Linda

Yes, the other birds could have killed her and may kill him as well. My strong suggestion is to house your birds in separate cages once something like this happens. Though you don't know for sure they killed her, if they were keeping them from eating and drinking, it is a real strong probability they did kill her.

For the time being, leave things are rhey are and keep the male in a separate cage from the other pair. Wait and see if there are any more deaths, and if there are, take bird as quickly as you can for a necropsy at an Avian Vet to find out what is causing this.

It would not hurt to get him another mate, but DO NOT PUT THEM BACK INTO THE AVIARY WITH THE OTHER PAIR BECAUSE THEY MAY VERY WELL HAVE KILLED YOUR LAST FEMALE. All birds do not get along, and some birds think nothing of killing another. I've always kept pairs in separate cages to eliminate the possibility of this happening. Sometimes mates will kill mates, and it would be considered not the norm with the lorikeets. If anyone has more information about that, please write your comments to this message.

This would be a good time to get another cage big enough for your male and his new mate. Take her to an Avian Vet before she is put in with him as birds being moved contract bacterial infections which are highly contageous.

Thanks for writing,

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