Rainbow Lorikeet Problem

by Whitney
(New zealand)

We have a female rainbow lorikeet who is just over 2 years old, she was hand raised and had always been a really happy friendly bird, we had her in our florist shop and she loved getting attention all the time.

Over a period of a few weeks she bacame less friendly and wanted nothing to do with us, now she flaps and screams at us and is plucking feathers under her wing, we have tried everything we can think of to fix this and can't work out whats gone wrong, we had had her at home next to our two ringnecks (vets advise) but she is only slightly better. She is pacing and doing other repeditive actions.

we were told lorikeets go through a terrible two's like kids, is this true? if anyone has any advise or ideas what it could be we would appreciate any help !

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Feb 12, 2010
feather plucking
by: Anonymous

have rainbow lorikeet pulls feathers out of tummy had news paper in bottom of caged thought this might be problem have now removed but stilll pulling away

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May 17, 2009
picking feathers out
by: Anonymous

I agree with Tracie. Your first stop needs to be a very good Avian vet very experienced with birds. Diet can also play animportant part in a bird's health and well being. Make sure your food is organic and not made using any chemical preservatives of any kind.

Most important is getting your bird to a vet who knows how to do the proper testing to find out if this is physical or if she is having other problems.To have such a drastic change in behavior usually indicates illness of some kind.

Good Luck!

May 17, 2009
Picking feathers under wing
by: Tracie

Has your avian vet run any tests and examined the bird to determine why it is plucking under it's wing? This might be contributing greatly to the behavior problems.

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