Rainbow lorikeet with lorikeet paralyse syndrome

by Kacey
(Merimbula Nsw )

Hi i'm a veterinary nurse who is currently nursing a rainbow lorikeet fledling who my vet has diagnosed with lorikeet paralyse syndrome. Recently i tryed crop feeding it because i thought it was not getting enough food, everytime after i had fed it almost immediatly after she regurgitated/vommitted it back up. It did this about four times after being crop fed throughout the day.

Now she has not had any food for two days, everytime she trys to feed immediatly it comes back up. I have been giving her fluids under the skin daily to keep her going. We have started her on dexamethasone for the LPS, this is what is suggested.

Do you think irritation has been caused to the throat from all the vommiting, and caused inflammation? We do not have access to an endoscope small enough to investigate. How long do you think i should carry on if she is still vommiting? Can you do irraversible damage with the crop feeder?

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Jun 26, 2009
Rainbow Lorikeet paralyse syndrome
by: The Vet

I am not familiar with this syndrome. Can you tell me more about what your vet means by this?

This could be PDD, improper nutrition, crop infection, or improper feeding technique.

The vomiting does cause irritation, but the vomiting came before the irritation in this case. Yes irreversible damage can be done with crop feeders.

I cannot tell you how long to continue treatment or what your bird?s prognosis is without examining your bird and seeing some diagnostic test results.

Dr B

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