Rainbow lorikeet

by Eleonora Babic
(Metford NSW Australia)

I have a rainbow lorikeet when i got her (assuming its a she) she was 12 weeks old I have had her for about 5 weeks when i bought her home she was ok snuggled up to me on the lounge and let me scratch her that only lasted a couple of days.

She wont let you go near her and if you do she takes off, and goes and hides. I have tried honey on my finger she likes the honey but while i have got her she complains the whole time. I give her the run of the house she is never caged only the last 2 days I have had her in the cage hoping that when i go near the cage to feed her and clean her cage she will come round.

I have run out of ideas. Please help.
The photo is the day I bought her home.