Rainbow lorrikeet behaving badly...

by Tarren

My psrtner and I went on holidays for one week, left our parrot Rufus with his sister.. When we returned yesterday he had no food or water in his cage.. Looked as if his 4 bowls had been cleaned then put back in his cage, we gave him food and water had a little play then put him to bed! This morning we got him out and was playing with him, giving him kisses and everything we have done since we got hm about 10 months ago!!

He bit my partner on the lip really hard, we put him in his cage then after 10 minutes got him out again with no problem, 5 mintues into playing he attacted him again... Leaving my partner bleeding in 3 spots!! We have no idea why or what happen to him why we were away! His behavior has just changed a lot... Could anyone help us explain why he is so agressive now???

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Jan 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thankyou all for commenting! Yes he is a he lol no eggs!! His just turned one so he is in that teen age so I've been told!! He is in love with me and see's my bf as someone in-between of him and me haha he is in his mined protecting me!!!

Jan 18, 2012
Biting lori
by: Eva

It sounds to me as if your being punished for going away and leaving him with a stranger. Maybe once he's sure your not going to leave him again, he'll settle down. I honestly believe these little birds are sometimes more human than humans! Good luck!

Sep 22, 2011
Rainbow lorrikeet behaving badly...
by: Linda

The real issue here is why bird sitter left him without food or water? Hopefully this was not how he was treated the entire time you were away.

Your bird is very mad at you and also very disappointed. You need to ask sitter exactly what they did and did not do for this bird while you were away. Get to the bottom of why he's so angry with you. All birds feel abandoned when their caretakers go away for a while, and usually it's not this bad. Some things may have happened while you were gone that you don't know about.

If it was me and my bird, I'd ask your partner's sister what she did and did not do while you were gone. It could be that she neglected him and he felt real hunger and thirst. I'd bite someone too if this happened to me.

In the future, I suggest you board the bird either with a licensed and trained bird sitter or at the Avian Vet's for however long you will be gone. Something happened here, and it does not sound good.

He will gradually come around given enough time. It will take time to renew the trust he once had in you. See, you are the ones who left regardless of what the sitter did or did not do while you were gone. You are the one he will take his anger out on. Keep him away from face altogether until he gets back to normal. You are kind of starting from scratch again on establishing trust with this bird. Be patient and be careful to keep him away from your face because these may not be the last of the attacks.

Thanks for writing,

Sep 22, 2011
by: Shirley E.

I too have a rainbow lorrikeet. Are you sure your bird is a male? I have a female and she gets like that when she's going to lay eggs soon!

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