rainbow lorrikeets

by sonya
(australia, vic)

i have a rainbow lorrikeet called jazz. i dont know if it a girl or a boy but i think it might be a girl cause she seems to be getting bigger and i think that she might be pregnant. one of my relitives had a rainbow lorrikeet and while we were on holidays he looked after jazz. jazz and his rainbow lorrikeet shared a cage and were great friends. the last time that jazz was there was there 4 months ago and i was wondering if she could be pregnant.

if she is should i get a log with a hole in it or something like that.

from s.n

P.S my relitives bird is now dead. :(

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Nov 27, 2008
Rainbow lorikeet pregnant question
by: Tracie

Birds do not get pregnant like mammals. They produce an egg which takes about 25 hours. The egg is laid and she is no longer "pregnant." This occurs about 4-6 times per laying cycle over a 7-10 day period.

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