Raising a Male Senegal

Senegal Parrot, Mishka, checking ingredients

Senegal Parrot, Mishka, checking ingredients

If I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat.

Mishka is a 10 year old Sennie male. When I got him at 6 month he was a delight. My wife and I split shortly after that and I got Mishka. When he was two is was sheer terror. He was out to prove he was THE flock leader.

I had no idea. I thought maybe he had a mental problem and sent him to a place for a week for evaluation. Broke my heart. But she said he was fine. So I took him to the VET and had him tested. They said he had a slight infection. so I gave him antibiotics.

While he was gone I did lots of research. When I realized was he was trying to do, I now had the answers that I needed. When he bit me, I would just put him back in his cage and give him the evil eye. It worked wonders. He would turn away, remorseful. Also, ignoring him worked wonders. Now he is very sweet and talks up a storm. So very smart it's scary.