Rare parakeet vs Regular parakeet

by Tung

I had two parakeets both males.....were doing very well together.. playing ...cleaning them selves, etc. One day one of the parakeet flew away.

I bought another rare parakeet two days ago... but these two birds ( blue regular parakeet and yellow rare parakeet) does not talk to each other... but eating habits are ok.... does it take longer time to get along with each other??? or they dont mingle at all???

Please advise so that I can return the bird to petsmart and get a reular male parakeet...


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Sep 24, 2010
Thank you Linda...
by: Tung

Thank you for your reply and concern.. I will get them checked at vet. Both these parakeet's long feathers are trimmed at pets mart...before buying.

These are male and female birds.. today they started talking to each other and getting along fine!! Big relief...


Sep 24, 2010
Rare parakeet vs Regular parakeet
by: Linda

First of all, never put a new bird into cage with an established bird because they sometimes fight to the death. Secondly, the new bird has to be examined by an Avian Vet to check for infections. Birds bought in pet stores are usually already sick with some kind of infection and need to be diagnosed and treated within the first week you have them.You'll also need to get another cage for the new bird until it lets you know it likes or does not like the other bird. Always ask your questions BEFORE doing something.

Your other bird will also need a trip to the Avian Vet because you put the new bird in with him before taking him to Avian Vet.

PetSmart will not take this bird back because of something like rare versus regular. There are NO rare budgies as they come in all colors and color combinations in the rainbow. If you paid more for this budgie, then you have learned a valuable lesson in being careful about what you are buying.You can go back and get another cage which is what you should have done in the first place.

The only special budgies I know about are the larger ones called English budgies, and they are easily spotted because they are almost twice as large as the normal-sized budgie, and usually they are advertised as English Budgies.

So, take both your birds to an Avian Vet to have them examined for bacterial/viral infections. You cannot buy meds in pet store as these can kill your birds. Never ask pet store personnel about what to do with a sick bird either as they do not know, and if they say anything other than you need to take them to Avian Vet, they are overstepping their boundaries, because they are NOT Avian Vets or any kind of vets for that matter.

While at the Avian Vet, have them clip the 6 long Primary flight feathers on both birds' wings. These are the long feathers at the bottom end of the wings. DO NOT LET THEM CUT UP ANY HIGHER AS THIS CAUSES CHRONIC PAIN AND CRIPPLES THE BIRDS. Just the 6 long Primary feathers on BOTH wings. Birds should not be allowed to fly freely around a house because it is dangerous, and the bird who flew away will most likely die out there because you did not have wings clipped. It is very important to have the wings clipped and not allow birds to fly all over and get hurt or poisoned.

Thanks for writing,

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