raw leg on amazon


my yellow napped amazon must have landed on something that made the leg just above the foot on the backside raw. he keeps picking at it, and was wondering if there is some sort of meds to apply to help the healing process and to keep him from picking at it.thanks greg

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Jan 08, 2011
Raw Leg On Amazon
by: Julie

I had an Amazon and he died. He had a spot on his leg and kept picking at it. I took him to the vet and did not last long. Vet asked if he could send my bird for autopsy and bird had a disease particular to Amazon parrots. Good luck.

Feb 26, 2009
Raw spot on Amazon leg
by: The Vet

You need to get this bird in to see an avian veterinarian immediately. There is a disease called Amazon Food Necrosis that cannot be treated with over-the-counter medications. Never use OTC meds in a bird for any reason.

Your bird could also have bumblefoot or pododermatitis. What kind of perches are in his cage? If just wooden dowels, you need to get him better perches. He needs a variety including a safe pedicure perch, natural branches, and rope. This is also made worse by a poor diet. If you are not feeding your bird pellets like Harrison's, then he has a vitamin A deficiency that needs to be corrected. Find a good avian vet immediately.

Dr B

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