RE: conure molting

by Hector

I think my Sun Conure Frank is starting to molt. I see some pointy-ish orange-ish white feathers coming in under his beak,there are only about three,though and he has been "chittering" alot for no apparent reason.

I have heard that they can be cranky during the molt. I have also heard that you should rub the feathers back and forth slowly in your fingers, he is hand-raised though so it should be easy. but he just pulls his head back politely instead of biting me. Frank is about 4 months old. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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Jan 23, 2008
Molting Sun Conure
by: Tracie

Hello Hector,

Yes, it sounds like he is molting. He might be uncomfortable and grumpy at times.

You can help him by allowing him to bath often and also gently pressing the feathers between your fingers to help remove the hard covering.

CAUTION: If the hard covering over the feather does not crush easily, then do not bother it. These feathers are very painful and you can hurt him.

If he likes you doing this, you will become his best friend!

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