Re - occuring respiratory infection due to some lung damage

by Simon

Hello, I have a cockatiel that about ten years ago ate something she shouldn't have done and it made her very sick. The vet at the time injected her with Baytril and saved her life but my bird sustained some lung damage from what the vet said was caused by regurgitation when she was sick.

Since then she has been on Genticin mixed with dexadreson which is nebulised once a day for two days and has always worked for around three months before needing doing again. Just lately I have noticed it has to be done on a more regular basis. Is there anything I can do to help lengthen the time between giving the antibiotic/anti-inflammatory?

Someone once mentioned nebulising sterile water over the cage on a regular basis(?). My bird has always had bags of energy even when she has the infection.

Thankyou very much,

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Jan 27, 2010
Nebulizing bird
by: The Avian Vet

It is best to nebulize with Normal saline, instead of plain water. This may or may not help your bird. I do not know enough about the case to make any specific recommendations otherwise. I would recommend that if your bird is on long-term steroid treatment that you continue the antibiotics and add an antifungal treatment, too. You also need to keep your bird warm, above 80ºF. Once daily nebulizing may not be frequent enough. I also do not recommend injecting Baytril. It is very painful and causes muscle necrosis. Monitor her weight, too. At least weekly.

Dr B

Jan 26, 2010
Re - occuring respiratory infection due to some lung damage
by: Linda

All the drugs are taxing her liver and kidneys, and they were also involved in the toxic incident from an earlier time. It is time to have testing done to find out what else is damaged besides her lungs because any kind of toxin is processed through the kidneys and liver. The Baytril is an antibiotic, and so I'm confused as to what that had to do with her ingesting poison? Vomit can be taken into the windpipe causing aspiration and pneumonia, but what caused the vomiting?

I suggest you have bloodwork done so you can ascertain how much damage has been done to kidneys and liver. A scan of some sort can be done to see what percentage of the lung tissue is dead and what is still living tissue.

In a case like this, all you can do is find out the extent of the damage and follow your Avian Vet's instructions. Depending on what your bird ingested, it is surprising that she is still alive at all, and that is due to good care and concern on your part.

Ask your vet about anything you are planning on doing and also ask them for suggestions as to what else can be done. Firstly, find out extent of damage to the entire bird's system and go from there. I wish I could be of more help, but this is a very complicated situation with a lot of questions not answered as yet.

Let us know how your bird does and we are all sending you prayers and blessings that she will get better shortly. It is hard to have a sick pet, and your little one is very sick indeed.

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