Really scarred parrot!!!

by Taiba Bibi

Hi there, i just wanted to ask you how can i calm my male ringneck parrot down because i just recently bought him and he is really scared.The previous owner's children of this parrot used to scare him by forcing him to fly alot and overcrowded him. They used to force him out of the cage when he really didn't wanna get out. Now if i go near the cage or if i open the door of his cage he climbs to the top of the cage as fast as he can and he fly's really fast all around the cage! I just wanna build my trust with him so that he gets used to me and we can be good friends!!!!!

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Nov 01, 2011
Really scarred parrot!!!
by: Linda

Very sorry to hear about how your bird was abused by the last people who had him. This happens a lot with parrots, and wish I could tell you why, but cruel mean people raise cruel mean children, so can't say much more about that.

As for what you're dealing with now. First of all and BEFORE any training of any kind, take your bird to an Avian Vet Only to be examined for infections or other physical problems. Have the avian vet clip the wings because as long as he can fly, he will not be easily trained and can get severely injured flying all over the house. He can also fly out the door sometime and be lost forever.

Have the Avian Vet check him for infections or any injuries. Then have them clip the 4-6 long Primary Flight Feathers on each wing. These are the long ones at the ends of each wing. Do not allow cutting higher than this as this causes much pain in the wings. Once your bird is either cleared for infections or given medicine to clear it up, you can look at some training materials on this site. I also suggest you get a good book about your bird or do a search on the internet or both so you can learn about what your birds needs to be happy and healthy. More training information is available out there too. Do your study because parrots are highly intelligent creatures who need guidance, patience, love and understanding to become good friends with us. You need to learn all about parrots and yours in particular. The more you know, the better friend your bird will be to you.

The trip to Avian Vet is the very first thing to do because a sick bird will not feel like being handled. Until the wings are clipped your bird will fly away from you and possibly be injured doing it. Birds are terrified when they are moved into a new home, and trust is earned not freely given. Considering what he came out of, is it any wonder he is mistrustful of humans? Time and patience will work wonders here as will love and understanding. Your bird sees you and your family as just more people to torment and hurt him, so try and see everything from your bird's point of view. This will lead to forming a deep bond with him, and all your work will pay off in seeing your bird happy and healthy and able to trust once again.

Keep in touch and make sure those wings are clipped by an Avian Vet and not a pet store or dog groomer.


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