reasons why baby parakeet may not be eating

by Heidi Daugherty
(Fairfield Ca)

I have a 4 week old parakeet that is at the vet because he has all of the sudden stopped eating. They have ran a blood test to test red and white blood cells, red were a little elevated but white were normal. Crop stain was normal. Feces showed normal bacteria but there was a question about possible yeast.

Crop is emptying although he is only eating 1 ml at a time when he was normally eating 6ml every 4 hours till he had a sudden decrease from one feeding of 6ml to the nest feeding 4 hrs later he strangly dropped to 1ml.

He was very happy and active then when his eating decreased his energy decreased as well. After eating 1ml he falls asleep, he has periodic moments of energy but falls asleep after about 15 min of play. Dr's are at a loss as too why he hasn't started eating because the tests don't show much but the decided to start him on an antibiotic called cravamax (a penacillian) and an antifungal med called nystatin. Sorry if the spellings are off.

I know the Dr's are working hard but I am reaching out in hopes of maybe getting other ideas on a direction to look at if maybe someone has experienced or knowledge of any information that might help that we might be missing.

One thing that stands out to me was when I fed him and he only at the 1ml he acted very hungry initially but when he got to 1ml he seemed to cry almost like it hurt too much to continue and he'd stop and almost instantly fall asleep. Did continued to do that with each feeding there after which is why I took him to emergency where he has been for 2 days now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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May 20, 2015
Baby parakeet not eating
by: Tracie

So sorry you are going through this. I will pass this along to Dr B, but be aware he sometimes doesn't answer for a long time due to his busy practice and teaching schedule.

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