Recs solicited for a 2nd parrot type

by Lee
(Otange County, southern Cal)

I have had 2 Jardine parrots prematurely die- one at age 2 from aspergillosis and the other at 8 1/2yrs that was 6 days post op from a complicated ovarian surgery. The surgical bird had a seizure disorder as well and required daily calcium supplementation for many years prior to her death.

Needless to say, I am done with JARDINES. They are beautiful birds and we loved ours dearly but we just can't bring ourselves to try a 3rd Jardine.

We have a 14yo Meyers parrot who was born at our avian vet's clinic and he's still a going concern. Took him years to mellow out and he's a love as well. Never did learn to speak.

We prefer to be a 2 bird household. I don't know what type of parrot to obtain next and would welcome feedback.

We prefer a small to medium size bird not known for screaming, feather dust (cockatiels have too much for me) and aggressive behavior at sexual maturity.

My husband and I work full time Mon-Fri outside the home so the new bird would be (separately) caged in a day room with lotsa windows listening to the radio with our Meyers.

Any response would be appreciated.

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May 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi Lee! First and foremost is to get every bit of dust out of house and that includes washing walls and ceilings anywhere the dust could be from the aspergilos(sp). This disease grows and lives in dust and bird poop and is highly contageous. If your living bird has been housed in close proximity to one who died from this disease, you may lose it as well. Get house clean from top to bottom, sanitize cages, toys and perches with a safe cleaner for birds. Do not use bleach as it is corrosive and very dangerous if any is left in or on bird's stuff. I use a product called Vanodine V18, and you can find it on the internet. It is mixed one teaspoon per gallon of water and will kill everything bleach will with none of the dangers. We use a mixture of it to clean our bird's and dogs dishes, spray their perches and toys with. Be sure to have birds removed from cage before using it as it is denatured iodine and will hurt their eyes. It comes in 8 and 16 ounce bottles and has a shelf life of only two years. We use the 8oz bottles as we just have the two birds and 3 dogs, so a bottle that size lasts for about the two year period.

You will need to find another similar species of bird as birds need to be kept for the most part with birds from similar areas. In other words, a bird from South America will automatically not be liked by a bird from Africa or the Phillipines. This includes birds raised in captivity. Another Myers would be a great idea when house has been cleaned of the disease you have experienced. I'd certainly take your other bird to vet to be checked out and talk with vet about this disease and how long you need to wait before getting another bird.

Hope this helps you some, and we are very sorry for the loss of your precious birds.

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