This is Julie’s Red Bellied Parrot picture and story.

Her Red Bellied Parrot prefers to be the center of attention.

Red Bellied Parrot

Robin is very much an extrovert... he loves to be the center of attention. Red Bellied's, especially the males, have a reputation for being nippy. They do not always show threatening body language before biting.

On a positive note, they do have a talent for mimicking sounds and talking, although not always in a clear voice. Red Bellied parrots, like other parrots of the Poicephalus family, have extremely soft feathers. If socialized properly, they do enjoy being cuddly, yet they can be very independent birds. Robin loves bells!

Editors note: Although she doesn't mention it here, Robin has attacked her in such a way that she has had a hard time getting him off of her. I feel it is important that you realize that every bird has a different personality and you need to be ready to accept that.

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