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May 14, 2010
Parrot missing cere
by: The Avian Vet

This is an unusual problem and you need to have it looked at by a specialist ? an avian veterinarian. I cannot tell you the prognosis without seeing it.

Dr B

May 11, 2010
Red bellied parrot missing cere
by: Linda

Hopefully you took her to an Avian Vet as dog and cat vets are not licensed and trained to treat birds and will ALWAYS SAY NOTHING TO BE DONE OR THEY ARE NOT SICK to keep from doing the wrong thing and killing the bird.

This needs to have the attention of an Avian Vet because infection is likely already set in here.

The pet store from which you bought her should be responsible for all medical bills as it is their fault this happened in the first place, and then they sold a mangled bird to you. Check with them about that. If they cannot keep their birds safe and healthy then they need not have them in their store!


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