Red Bellied Parrot - Paulie

by Susan W
(New York)

Red Bellied Parrot Baby

Red Bellied Parrot Baby


I am the proud owner and Mommy of a female Red Bellied Parrot. She was three months old when we took her home in January of 2003.

We were told she was a male and shortly after had the gender DNA tested. Much to our surprise our boy Paulie was a female. Since we had already named her and taught her to say "good boy" we left well enough alone. She is my companion and true friend, and has become like one of my children.

We have become inseparable as I am disabled and home alone much of the day. Sometimes I think Paulie is glued to my shoulder. In March of 2004 my husband planned a trip of a lifetime for a European cruise, the only setback for me was leaving Paulie for eighteen whole days. I had never been gone for that long a time and worried if Paulie would miss me, wondering where I went and would he be alright, for that matter would I..

My two sons are wonderful with him and tried to reassure me as did my husband that he'd be well taken care of, not to worry, go have a great time, easier said then done. The day to leave for the cruise came and I cried my eyes out trying to explain to Paulie I'd be home soon. I missed and worried about her the whole time, though it didn't keep me unfortunately from the buffets, the never ending seven course meals or the chocolate fantasy nights as well as one or two Bahama-Mama's.

I was sure Paulie would understand my need to help ease the pain of missing her and worrying how she was without me. Halfway through the cruise I couldn't go another day without seeing her. My very loving and understanding husband as a big surprise for me took me to the computer room on ship and had my son send a video talking E-Mail of Paulie.

I was so happy I laughed and cried at the sight and sound of her thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean. Passengers on board were amazed and enjoyed Paulie strutting her stuff in front of the web cam, she was a big hit.

Our sons were taking good care of her with plenty of treats and lots of TLC, but said she missed me and constantly looked for me.

Our trip was a dream come true, but I was more than ready when the time came to return home. We entered our house bags in hand with much anticipation and worry that my little feathered child would forget or even reject me.

After such a long time apart I slowly and quietly walked up to her cage, she was sitting on top, I didn't want to scare or startle her. As soon as she saw me her eyes widened and seemed to start flashing.

At first she stood motionless and then it happened. In a very low soft voice she whispered "Mommy", the tone of his voice was one of disbelief that I had come home to her. Five more times she called out "Mommy" each time a little louder a little more high pitched with excitement and the anticipation of our reunion. Her little body wiggled repeating "Mommy, Mommy", as I swooped her up in my hands wishing she were big enough to give her a great big hug.

I cried as Paulie snuggled my cheek and neck kissing me and rubbing her beak on my nose. What a wonderful welcome home I will never forget. My husband witnessed this event, very much surprised and touched by it all. Paulie has at least a thirty-two word vocabulary and for her to call out "Mommy" she surely knows who I am and what she's saying.

This has tightened the bond of love we have for each other. The look of total trust and love in that little face, Paulie has captured my heart. She wouldn't let go of me that first day back home as if to say please don't leave me for that long again Mommy. There isn't any way I can put into words the happiness and love this little bird Paulie has brought me. Only a lover of companion parrots would understand.

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Jan 11, 2014
by: Anonymous

I just bought a bird and I thought that my bird would end up being a cage bird. With this story, I am determined to play with my bird so that one day it might call me "mommy"

Oct 21, 2011
by: Angela

This is a amazing story.. It brought tears to my eyes.. I just love birds and they bring pure joy to our lives.

Jan 19, 2011
by: Dionna

This story brought me to tears. You could not have chosen better words. Just lovely to read. Thank you for the peaceful feeling.

Nov 11, 2010
Very cute
by: Rachel

Great story. Your girl looks very sweet!
I have a boy named Melonhead (he came with that name). He belonged to another family who got him as a handfed baby. When he became sexually mature, he began to bite the daughter (hard!). When I got him from them, he scared very easily. As he became less scared, he also became more beaky (he draws blood). We worked with him to not be afraid to step onto a stick and now we can all be happy spending time together. He is a character (he makes the best sound effect!)

Jul 10, 2009
Sex by Color
by: Lisa Barnes

An interesting and unique factor about red-bellied parrots is you can tell their sex by color, The males have brilliant, almost neon, orange bellies, whereas the females have a gray-green belly. Its kind of a catch-22 situation - the males are more beautiful than the females, but the females have a much sweeter disposition. I speak from experience - I have a male and he is very nippy and cocky in attitide. He can be very sweet and loving, but strictly on his terms - hence the name Sid Vicious..."

Feb 22, 2008
Your story brightened my day!!!
by: ROZ

That was an absolutely amazing and wonderful story. I came across it while looking for information on Red Bellied Parrots. My daughter is a volunteer at an exotic bird store and she has come across one named Celia who has grown very attached to her. So much so that the poor bird has begun to face the wall when she leaves.

Every time we leave it seems both my daughter and Celia are heartbroken. I am planning on surprising the two of them and making her a part of our family and from your story it seems that she will make a wonderful addition and we will all be one big happy family.

I hope that You and Paulie continue to have wonderful life together.

Jan 28, 2008
Touching Story
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed reading about this. It made my day, animals always give us such joy and companionship. What a sweet little bird! She must have a wonderful home.

Jan 18, 2008
by: Daryl

From one "Mommy" to another.... I truly understand. The love I have for my parrots is like no other, and the love they have given me has healed unspoken sadness I carried in my heart for years. Unless one has experienced that unique kind of bond, love, and joy that only a parrot can provide when they have decided that you are 'owned' by them, it would be very difficult to understand and to relate.

Dec 21, 2007
Touching Story
by: Anonymous

Wow, what a touching story. Thank you for writing this.

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