red bumps on eye of blue and gold macaw

by Donna Gibbs
(Litchfield Park, AZ)

We have a one year old blue and gold macaw. She has 2 little red bumps on her left eyelid. After looking at some of your previous questions, I am wondering if it is an allergy.

She is moulting right now, plus with the weather being nicer (in Phoenix) we've had our windows open. There may be something in the air causing her to have allergies. I was wondering if you could suggest anything that we can do for her.

Due to economic conditions, we cannot afford to go to an avian vet at this time. Thank you

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Nov 01, 2008
Macaw with red bumps around eye
by: Anonymous

If there are only 2 little bumps, I suspect that this is not an allergy. I cannot tell what it is without looking at it, so, I cannot offer a treatment suggestion. It may be nothing to worry about.

Monitor the spots and if more appear or they become larger, then you should have them looked at by an avian veterinarian.

Air borne allergies are common in macaws, but so are food allergies. I see this commonly with ZuPreem pellets, KT pellets, and Pretty Bird. If you are feeding any of these foods, I recommend that you switch to Harrison's or Roudybush Rice diet.

Also avoid smoking around your bird; tobacco smoke can cause significant health problems in birds, including skin irritation. Hope this helps.

Dr B

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