Red Cedar safe in room?

Would it be safe to have cedar in closets, cabinets and maybe even some baseboards in areas where the birds (hopefully) would not come into actual physical contact with the wood. I am concerned that fumes may hurt them in some way. My reason to use cedar is as a natural pest repellent. I had a woodframe home years ago that was made of cedar and never saw as much as an ant but that was before I discovered my love for parrots.

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Sep 14, 2012

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question. Please know that I try to take every precaution possible to protect my little loves. All the animals here are victims of abuse, not just unwanted and neglected. I have taken care of birds for over 10 years without any accident or illness but there are NO absolutes when it comes to humans, birds, animals or insects.

What made me think that I could maybe use the cedar is that the two large old cedar trees in the yard are home to several species of birds. I can't explain that one. As for just dealing with a few bugs, the house had been for sale and empty for several years, in the country, in the South i.e. every bug in the world and rodents as a bonus. I have always been "green" but this place has been and is quite a difficult challenge, a lot of the usual non-chemical methods are TOTALLY ineffective so I am searching for any other safe methods that will.

The information that I had found thus far only addressed perches, etc. as being dangerous but hadn't seen anything related to fumes.(time for research is somewhat limited) So again, thank you so much for your input.

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Sep 14, 2012
Red Cedar safe in room?
by: Linda

I would not put them outside a closed closet in the bird's room because when cedar is fresh there are a lot of fumes. Also make sure the birds do not have opportunity to get hold of any of the pieces because they are poison. So, that is not a "hopefully" situation, make sure they cannot get to them no way no how.

I suggest you put them in closets and cabinets where birds cannot get them.Leave the baseboards alone because cedar in closets and cabinets should be enough. You don't want anything out that the birds can get into.

So, as for the cedar, keep it totally away from birds and that means have it only in closed closets or cabinets. If the closet or cabinet in bird's room is opened a lot, use less cedar in those places.Also, do not put it where cage covers, toys or food is kept for the birds because you do not want transfer onto anything they will be using. Cedar is a wonderful thing, but it can also poison birds and cats and small animals like mice and other pet rodents including rabbits, so proceed with that in mind. Also, the cedar will lose it's oil over a period of a year. It should last in closed areas for longer than that. When you can no longer smell it, then the oil has evaporated.

One other thing is that the fumes can get into the air system if you have central heat/sir, so be careful when opening containers and placing chips inside the house.I'd close the vents and turn off heat/air while putting cedar where you need it. Once smell dies down, turn heat/air back on and open vents. Birds should never be near heat/air vents because of drafting which is deadly for them. Opening a window or two can help speed the fumes getting out of house. Though cedar is not as dangerous as spraying bug spray which is lethal to birds, it still has to be handled with care around them.


Sep 13, 2012
Red cedar safe in room
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend having cedar in the house if you are concerned about your birds. Any type of smell, whether it's air freshener, candles, moth balls, perfume, aerosol deoderant, household cleaners, bleach, etc. are not recommended for use when you have birds in the home. I would rather kill a few bugs than endanger the health and welfare of my birds.

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