Red Crowned Amazon wont stop squalking

by Andrew Croce
(St Louis, MO)

Rudy in his cage

Rudy in his cage

My girlfriend has had a Red Crowned Amazon named Rudy for almost 3 years. I moved in with her about 6 months ago. Recently (within the past few weeks) he has been squalking incessantly.

It doesnt sound like a normal loud parrot squalk, but more repetative and far more irritating to us. Its kind of a barking, chirping sound, and he does it in pairs, like "squalk, squalk.... squalk, squalk.... squalk, squalk"

I've suspected he doesnt like me, he doesnt really like anyone except my girlfriend, and it seems to be louder and faster when I go in the room with him. On days when Im home all day, he hardly stops!

Putting a drape over his cage helps a bit, but I don't think thats a good idea during the day.
Any suggestions? Is he sick? Has he lost his parrot mind? Does he just hate me?

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Apr 06, 2008
Squawking Amazon Parrot
by: Tracie

It could be several things. Amazons get hormonal, but it could be that it either likes you or hates you.

There is an expert named Joanie Doss that is very helpful. Check out her website at and buy her books!

If you join AwesomeAmazons Yahoo group she will even respond to your questions there.

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