red factor canary lame and puffed up in corner.

by mirela
(waterford, CT, USA)

My red factor canary is getting sicker and sicker. its not an emergency yet but it soon will be if i cant find out whats going on. The bird is lame and his legs seem very weak, he sits down while eating. He is all puffed up and sits on the bottom of the cage.

He used to be a very vibrant and energetic bird who used to look very happy and sing his song all day. Now it looks like he is very sad no longer playful and full of energy. He has stopped singing and his condition looks worse by the day.

I love him dearly and would do anything to help him out, but my fanancial situation in down in the dumps and im living paycheck to paycheck until i get my masters degree in a couple months. My bird may not make it that long and i have no money for a vet right now who will charge more than the initial cost of the bird.

I feel very guilty but I need to feed my kids,no matter what, even if it means i will lose a beloved friend. Please help me out!! I have also noticed the bird is shivering, so last week we bought him a heater and place it next to his cage, the cage is now alot warmer(around 85 degrees).

I have bought a couple of antibiotics and medicines and still havent noticed a change in his wellbeing. The meds are as follows: ultracare marvel aid which is an antibiotic,ornacycline tetracycline for birds which is another antibiotic, and vitaflight which is vitamins. The bird still has a good appetite but it is somewhat reduced. Thanks in advance. mirela

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Jan 22, 2011
Canary sick
by: Tracie

I am sorry to inform you, but this is an emergency. When a bird is sitting fluffed up, it is on it's last leg. Since Dr B sometimes doesn't answer questions for a week or more, and he can not do anything for your bird over the Internet, you will have to take your bird to a vet.

Dr B has posted several times, as an answer to similar questions, that over the counter meds are dangerous and should not be used. You can kill your bird by over medicating, causing more symptoms etc.

I suggest you find an avian vet that will take monthly payments. If you choose to let your bird die at home, then keep the cage warm, move the perches to the lower half of the cage and provide water and food at the bottom of the cage in an area that the bird can not soil the dishes.

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