Red feathers on breast of African Grey Congo

by Sylvie
(Ontrio, Canada)

I've surfed and surfed and have yet to find a good explanation for these pink feathers that are randomly appearing on my AGC's front and back. The region around the neck seems to be a bit more concentrated. The pinkish feathers are not exclusively pink but are grey with pink mixed on the ends. There has been no change in his behaviour or appetite. I only became concerned while surfing the net and noticing the pic's of AGC's have no coloration whatsoever aside from the red tail. I hope you can put my mind at ease.

Thank you

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Sep 29, 2018
Scared & worried/ red in certain areas

My congo, has 3 perfectly round red circle like on her feathers on her back, now I am on lots of bird sites clubs ect., anyways, someone had a congo with red on its like breast feathers & neck & I asked her why red feathers in those areas & she said it could mean kidney problems or some sort of liver, or I don’t know, I am scared to death for my beautiful girl congo::: Thank You so much

Oct 11, 2014
Gray with pink feahers
by: Anonymous

My AGC is at least 15 years old. She is picking her breast a little, and as the feathers come back in, more and more feathers are coming in as pink. She came to me with just a few pink feathers by her neck, scattered. As she gets older there seems to be more pink feathers coming in on her chest and neck.

She does not have a mate.

Jan 29, 2014
red feather
by: Anonymous

My grey has a random red feather that just appeared within the last couple of months. He is 8 years old.

Jul 29, 2010
Red Factor African Grey
by: Tracie

Your AG is a red factor African Grey. It is not a disease, it is genetic. We actually have one reader post pictures of a red factor AG.

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