These are Darren’s Red Fronted Macaw pictures and story about Polo.

Polo likes to fly outside, but he has been trained.

Darren has some great photos of Polo flying outdoors. This is NOT for everyone. Darren has worked with his bird so that his bird returns to him, and he knows the risks involved. Do not try this with your parrot without doing your research and much training.

If you are interested in recall training, Darren has written a recall training article for our Parrot Training page. Let him help you teach your parrot for indoor flight.

Red Fronted Macaw Polo Red Fronted Macaw in a tree.
Flowers for Dad Polo posing in a tree.

Red Fronted Macaw over water. Red Fronted Macaw Polo in flight
Polo in free flight Polo’s beautiful wings.

Red Fronted Macaw in mountains.
Polo flying high

I would say Red Fronted Macaws are AMAZING. I have one from Blackstone Aviaries and he is almost 2 years old. He will be two on Sept. 29th of this year.

Polo is amazing and is also trained for free flight in and outdoors. I work with him every day on this. He is very high energy and a little bit mouthy. He doesn't bite hard, but does like to play with his beak ... :)

He does talk quite a lot. Maybe because his "Dad" does. HE HE. But, he says about 8 different things right now. It's not as clear as a Yellow Nape or Grey ... but he definitely likes to talk. His favorite word .. HELLO..:):)

He is very very cuddly .. loves to play on his back in your lap. But, at times doesn't want too much attention. He has really grown up a bit as when I first got him .. he wouldn't leave me for anything .. Now, he is getting more independent. But, still loves affection .. :)

He EATS well .. and plays ALL the time .. :) ..

Polo is not very noisy at all. He is MUCH quieter than my Eclectus. Well, I should say they are NOT noisy when I am here .. I guess when I am NOT here.. He is noisy ..

He must be calling for his Dad... LOL


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