red grays

by ruth howard
(st .pete, florida, usa)

if my red breasted gray mated, would the babies also be red breasted or is there a chance they would be all gray?

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May 31, 2010
red grays
by: Linda

EXACTLY WHAT TRACIE SAID! Until you have a very good working understanding of genetics, you need to forget about breeding. This is NOT A GAME where you find pleasure in the process. Breeding is serious business because you are totally responsible for all the young produced, and you will find it very difficult to find homes for them. I don't mean ANY homes, I mean good ones where they will be loved and cared for properly.

Until you understand more about genetics and have done a little research on how many homeless or abused and neglected parrots there are out there, then you are going into this blind. You will not suffer, and YOUR BIRDS WILL SUFFER HORRIBLE LIVES because there are TOO many people breeding birds and other pets like it is some kind of board game and the one with the most babies is the winner. The babies, kittens, puppies are the big losers, and their suffering is on anyone's head foolish enough to think breeding and genetics is easy to learn and practice.

Do more study and look at the market where you will see thousands of birds for sale. Most of these birds go into abusive/neglectful homes if not the first time, then the second through the 10th. Some of them die in these horrible homes, and since their breeders did not do their homework, they are never hurt by how much their babies have to suffer before they are granted the peace of death.

Make a commitment to EXCELLENCE here, and you will not do the wrong thing.

Thanks for writing,

May 31, 2010
Breeding African greys
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, so I can not answer your question as far as genetics.

I do question if you are thinking of breeding birds if you have no experience or understanding of this. Maybe you do, I don't know.

If you are not an experienced breeder, please, please, please do NOT breed your bird until you have helped another experience breeder and also done some kind of market research that proves you have potential customers for your birds.

Becoming a quality breeder takes a LOT of time, money and experience. There are so many unwanted birds without homes, we really don't need any more breeders.

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