red headed amazon

we had a parrot and it was attached to me and it passed away in my arms tuesday afternoon on september 29 2009 and we don't understand why she died and her name is buckwheat so please tell me how long does it take to get over the hurt.

thanks.......JANA PROCK

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Oct 01, 2009
Mexican Red Head
by: Linda

I'm very sorry for your loss, and you never get completely over losing a loved one. Things will get better, and the pain will recede, and you'll always remember your bird or any other pet. Grieving for pets is exactly like grieving for human loved ones we lose. Grieving is the same regardless of who was lost. Grieving has "stages". The first one is Denial where we say it cannot have happened and must be a bad dream. The second stage is Anger at the loved one for leaving us. The final stage is Acceptance of the fact our beloved is gone forever, and then starts the real dealing with the loss, and the soul's growth from the experience.

Also, before you get another bird, you need to make sure bird's cage, toys, perches and home environment did not contribute to this one's death. Birds are sensitive to all kinds of chemicals, even bleach and other cleaning stuff. They can be poisoned by a cage with lead and/or zinc on the bars on on toys.

Diet is also important and all birds need to be eating a high quality, organic pellet like Harrisons makes. Tracie carries their products out here, and they are wonderful for birds and help them live longer lives.

So, I'm NOT saying this was your fault, and still take a look at everything your bird was eating, drinking and how it was living.

In future, if you get another bird, if your bird looks ill, it probably is, and IT MUST GO TO AN AVIAN VET TO BE DIAGNOSED AND TREATED. You cannot treat your bird, and the only one who can is an Avian Vet.

Our hearts go out to you in this time of loss, and it WILL get easier every day to be without your sweet little bird. There are no quick fixes for grief as it has to take its normal course. It WILL stop hurting so much in a while. Just remember all the wonderful things about your bird, and celebrate his life with you as the very Special Time is was.


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