Red marks on my parakeet wings

by Erika
(Anchorage, AK USA)

My parakeet normally has blue and white wings. She has been flapping her wings a lot and I noticed that when I was washing her there are red marks on her wings. It looks like the feathers have come out but I can't tell if she has been bleeding there. What could be wrong? She has been arguing with her parakeet friend. I have found them both on the side of their cage when I get them up in the morning. could they be fighting when I am not around and this is causing her wings to be red?

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Nov 11, 2012
Mu bird too
by: Anonymous

My bird has the same prob i think it is molting or his feather could have changed the color bc mine is the same place on both wing? Just dont worry if u beed more info call a vet or someone who knows alot bout bird ;)

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