Red rump Breeding questions

by Francesca
(Kent, UK)

Hello I have previously bred finches, quail and cockatiels with no issues and now have a pair of red rumps. The Male I’ve had 2 years I don’t know his age but he seems more attracted to Cockatiels than the other red rump but he apparently had a mate in the past that died.

My hen I got last winter so she is around a year old. I bought her for him hoping they would breed but he’s never shown any interest in her at all! But now she has claimed a nest box for a week now and guards it from my other birds and if she gets really grumpy the Male comes over to help her guard.

My issue is there’s still no eggs after a week of guarding and I’ve never seen them preen, feed or flirt with each other. Do females normally pick the nest site? Do you think they have paired up? Is there a possibility she isn’t fertile if there still hasn’t been any eggs?

Also the birds are kept in an outdoor aviary with a mixture of finches and cockatiels that they get on with just a little aggression to the Javas as they sit on top of the nest box but they will learn! I just really wanted anyone’s opinion on my situation. Also my hen has only 1 leg she had the other leg removed a few months ago as she had a bad break from getting her leg tangled in a toy could this have made her infertile? Thanks!!

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Nov 18, 2017
Breeding issues
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, so can't help. I would call another good breeder and collaborate with them.

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