Red Rump breeding

by Demeries

Hi, i have a pair a red rumps. The female in the morning enters the nest, she stays there for quite a bit of time but in the evening she gets out. I also seen the male feeding the male. Is this a sign that eggs are coming? and should i provide any type of food? Thanks

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Jan 19, 2011
Red Rump breeding
by: Linda

First of all, both your birds need to be seen in person by an Avian Vet BEFORE any breeding is done. Any infections they may have before breeding will be transferred to babies even in the eggs causing death in the egg or death later from one or more infections. Baby birds are highly susceptible to infections because they have no immune system built up with which to fight them.

The other issue is the bird's will go to nest when they are ready. Hopefully your hen is 2 years or older so egg binding is not a factor as egg binding kills many birds per year, and the young hens are most in danger.

Also, parrots have to be eating a high quality organic pelleted diet all the time and especially during breeding. Do not feed any people food or high fat nuts, and an all seed diet is a very poor diet for birds.

Harrison's is a great one and Tracie carries several kinds here. I'm not sure if she ships internationally or not, so you may find a good organic pellet where you are by contacting an Avian Vet to take your birds to.

Here is a link with an article written by an Avian Vet about how to go about changing birds from seeds to pellets as it is a process:

Switching Birds to Pellets article


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