red-bellied chewing habits

by Josie Willis
(Delray Beach, FL USA)

My red-bellied parrot, Nacho,chews on everything. I take great care in buying his toys without plastic or vinyl that might damage him. I buy wood toys, and he has plenty of them. I also monitor him carefully when he's out of the cage because he's like a human toddler.

Lately, he has started chewing his cage bars, which are coated in vinyl. (I just bought him a much larger cage as an early Christmas present.) I am afraid he will ingest the vinyl and kill himself. He's a wonderful bird with a big vocabulary, and just over a year old. I love him dearly, and bought him shortly before my husband died of brain cancer. How do I get him to stop chewing the cage bars? His interests cycle, and he loses interest in his toys, so I move them around periodically in his cage to picque his interest. I also give him wooden spoons to chew on. Is there anything else I can do? Would foraging toys work well and divert his interest from the cage bars? Help!!! He's driving me nuts!