Red-Bellied Love

by Kim

Almost done hand feeding Red Bellied Parrot around 4 months old (check out the messy food on his beak)

Almost done hand feeding Red Bellied Parrot around 4 months old (check out the messy food on his beak)

I was young when we got our first bird. We started out with zebra finches, and when I was nine I got my first parakeet. It wasn't until I was 18, when I got my next parakeet, that I really started to fall in love with birds. Although I love my parakeet, Star, to death (he'll be 7 this year), I always wanted to have a parrot.

Last year, I started to work at a pet store where we had a wide variety of parrots... from lories to conures to caiques, and it was on November 11, 2009 when we got a little male red-bellied in. Because it was football season and I am a Ravens fan, I decided to name the little guy, Reed (named after Ed Reed), who was hatched on Sept 23. I had the wonderful experience of being able to hand feed Reed and watch him grow before me. I always knew, by doing LOTS of research, that a senegal, meyers or red-bellied would suit me best (same family).

Well, after a lot of thinking and preperation, I decided to make the step and purchase Reed. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him and learn that he was a fit for me. Almost 3 months after taking him home (he's almost 8 months now), things couldn't be better. Reed is more attached to me because I spend theost time with him, but he welcomes others after he scopes them out. He is also starting to become a talker and says "Reedy Bird", "uh-oh" and "what cha doin?"

Red-Bellied parrots are great birds that a lot of people do not really know about. They are a quieter bird like the senegal and meyers, but they still sqwack sometimes. But I can't get annoyed with the sounds too long because he always does something cute like throw his head towards me so I can scratch his neck.

So the point to my story? PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH! It is important to know what you are getting yourself into. If you are willing to commit 25+ years to a bird, then you are sure to find one that will love you back. I always say that Reed chose me, and you will find that bird that will choose you.

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May 11, 2010
Red-Bellied Love
by: Linda

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO and many kudos to you!!! Your message is exactly right on the money!

Everyone needs to do their research BEFORE BUYING A BIRD because all birds are not for all people, and for some people, birds are NOT for them at all. Parrots are not the toys some people think they are. They are loud, intelligent, sensitive, messy, can get sick and do, will bite with or without provocation and did I say MESSY?

Your message is coming from a person who HAS DONE THEIR HOMEWORK and knows what the score is with having a bird. General rule is ALWAYS START OUT WITH A SMALLER SPECIES because all these birds are exotic wild animals and can behave as erratically as any other wild animal being kept as a pet. The larger the bird, the more dangerous they will be to inexperienced people and their families.

Thank you so much for your story, and I hope it stays out here long enough for a whole lot of people to read it. I say the same things over and over, and still have people write in who HAVE NOT DONE EVEN A LITTLE BIT OF RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING, AND ARE NOW WONDERING WHAT TO DO WITH THE BIG FEATHERED MISTAKE THEY MADE.

Thanks again, and I wish you and family many happy years with your lovely bird or birds as the case may be. They are kind of like potato chips in that it is difficult to just have one!


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