Redness and Feather Loss

I have a Pionus and she is 4 years old. About a week ago it started getting red around her nostrils and it quickly spread to the skin around her eyes. She was scratching a lot and some of the feathers came out. I took her to the vet and she received some eye drops. Her skin is back to the normal pigment and I haven't noticed her scratching too much but I still feel like she is losing feathers. Any ideas?

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Apr 16, 2010
Bird with infecton possible
by: The Avian Vet

Skin infection is possible, such as bacteria or fungi; sinus infection is also possible. Do you have a full spectrum light? If so, it may be that your bird is sitting too close to it. Nutrition may be playing a role. If your bird is not eating pellets, then he is on a diet that is not balanced or complete. You should take your bird back in for a recheck follow up visit, or get a second opinion from a specialist.

Dr B

Apr 13, 2010
Redness and Feather Loss
by: Linda

Well, if you still feel something is wrong, take her back to the vet because this sounds like a possible fungus and/or bacterial infection which will require meds for her to fully recover. Sounds like the vet took care of the immediate problem or symptom and did not look any further. There is always a cause for these problems, and hers may not have been fully explored.

Thanks for writing and let us know what vet has to say.

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