Redness around the nostrils of a Blue & Gold Macaw

by Nyx
(New York)

My blue and gold macaw, who I recently adopted from an owner who could no longer care for him, has some redness around his nostrils and abit on his cheeks, almost like he is flushed. He has a tendency to rub his beak on things such as his perches, but I think he may be using the rubbing motion because his nose is itchy.

I'm worried he could be ill, or be having some sort of a reaction to something in his environment. Do birds have allergies to things such as cats, horses, pollen, dust etc like people? Is there anything I can do to figure out an allergy and to treat an allergy?

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Mar 28, 2009
Macaw with redness on face
by: Tracie

It is possible for birds to have allergies to food and things in their environment. It is also possible for them to get bacterial infections. Many birds get bacterial infections from drinking from water dishes instead of water bottles like the Lixit water bottle.

Dr. B recommends that you take your bird to see an avian vet for an initial check up and vaccination. The vet will be able to determine what is causing this and then will prescribe the proper treatment if necessary.

After this first visit, you should take your bird in every year for a check up. Birds will hide illness until it is almost too late to do anything for them.

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