Regarding African Grey siblings breeding

by Kathy

I purchased a brother and sister pair of Timneh Greys in January. I was originally only going to get the female but I watched the male (a week after purchasing the female) for the woman I purchased them from while she went out of town for a week. By the time she came back I had become attached to the male as well and the two birds were really becoming well adjusted and very happy, so she said that she would sell the male also if I wanted him. I was told by her (and I also searched the internet) and I was led to believe through my sources that if my birds had always stayed together that they would recognize each other as siblings and that there was no danger of them ever becoming a mating pair.

Now I see here and have been told by others that this is not the case, and that they will try to mate. What should I do? At some point will I have to move them to seperate cages, and if so will they still be likely to get along when playing outside of their cages? I hope I haven't gotten myself into a bad situation, but I can't part with either of them I just love them so much and so equally (they both have very unique personalities) they are 7 months old right now. I would appreciate any feedback and advise that you can give me. I'm not sure how to find your answer back, is it just a feed?

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Jun 27, 2011
Regarding African Grey siblings breeding
by: Linda

It would be a good idea to go ahead and separate them into two cages right now. It is okay if they play together and if their cages are close together, even better. Sexual maturity occurs around 5-6 years old or could be sooner if they ar eating a high quality diet of organic pellets like Harrison's carried here.

Your understanding of the breeding process is correct. They don't understand they are brother and sister, how could they? Once sexually mature, they will attempt to breed, and this will be the biggest mistake you'll make with them. So don't make it.

You love them both, so keep them both, just separate them before they get too used to being in same cage and allow them time out to play together. As they get closer to sexual maturity, you will see them begin to grow away from you, so be prepared. My suggestion for this time is to get mates for them and much larger cages whether you want to breed or not. Mated pairs can live together a lifetime without raising a nest of babies. My two 35+ year old Amazons are testimony to that. I have them in a double Macaw cage with a divider in the middle as she picks on him. They can see each other, touch each other and like it just fine because they each have their own dishes for eating and drinking and toys. With the market being so flooded with parrots, I decided NOT to breed them many years ago and won't ever.

Keep and love your birds and thank you for asking the right questions. Thank you for loving them enough to be concerned as you are appreciated more than you'll ever know and are helping other people at the same time.

Take care and keep loving your babies.


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