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I am Amritha from Tamilnadu,India. Actually i found a young parrot sitting in my garden unable to fly. it looked tired so i got it and i m feeding it now with fruits. it has been 3 days and it really improved from the situation it was on the day i brought it to home.

The problem is that it is not even giving a sound but it eats well and just walks around the home but it couldnt fly as some other person have cut its feathers in order to prevent it from flying..

First i fed my parrot with Banana, papaya, groundnut, cashew nut, paddy, rice... but it is more interested in banana and paddy only. infact if paddy is there it is not even touching the banana..What i have to do in order to make it eat all the fruits and nuts?.. will there be any problem if it eats paddy alone? and my parrot is not drinking water shall i force it to drink or it does nt need water?

Why my parrot is not making any sound ? what should i do? my parrot is eating bananas and other foods if i cut it into small pieces and give it in my hand else if keep it in a bowl it is not eating..voluntarily it is not eating but if i give it in my hand it eats a lot.. what can i do to make eat by itself??
please give me the solutions for the above problem..
thanks in advance..
note: it is a young green parrot commonly found in tamilnadu villages. when i browsed through the details i found it is a rose ringed parakeet.

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May 16, 2012
Feed it with love
by: Sultana Zamani

You have done a very good job of taking the bird in your care. I have two parrots and I feed them jowar, peanuts and chickpeas soaked in water for half an hour or one hour. They also eat grapes, watermelon, mangoes and bananas. I also give them wheal flour chappaties soaked in milk. They are very fond of ice-cream. They also eat cooked rice. In fact they eat anything I give them because they trust me and love me. Just give your bird anything but give it with a lot of love and see the love the bird returns to you. My birds are my children. Every evening I tell them stories and they listen very attentively. All the best.

Editor's note: Ice cream is very bad for all birds, please talk to an avian vet where you live to find out what is a healthy diet for your bird. Just because your bird likes something doesn't mean it is safe or healthy for the bird. YOU have to insure they are eating properly.

May 14, 2012
reguarding rose ringed parrot
by: Anonymous

Thank you for being kind enough to take the bird in. He probably would have died if not for your kindness.

When a bird goes from one home to another, there's a lot of stress from that alone. New scents, smells, sounds, etc.

This little guy you found outside. He's had a very traumatic experience. If his wings are clipped, I'm sure someone just decided to put him out, not wanting him anymore. But a bird in the wild cannot survive without being able to fly.

So the bird went from being indoors, to being outdoors, VERY stressful, then you brought him in. Your new parrot is obviously very stressed & traumatized.

Most homecoming for birds, is stressful, sometimes won't eat or drink at first. Because they are scared. The bird will eat, he just needs to relax. Which will take time.

I'd suggest buying him a cage. Do not allow the bird to roam freely in the home, as there is a lot of things they can get into like toxic stuff, chew wires and get shocked, or worse yet, stepped on.

However, if you plan to keep the bird, please take him to a vet to ensure he is not sick or injured. Birds need vets too.

Most people feed automatically feed their birds seeds. I suggest pellet food because it is better, but since he's scared, and you dont want him to starve, I'd get him some bird seed, to keep in the cage. Birds need a constant food and water source. The bird may have never of had people food before, in which case they can be relucant to eat it. However, keep offering it to him. Eventually he will eat that with the seed.

Once he's eating, relaxed, and happy, then introduce bird pellets to his diet. Eventually switching him to just pellets and not seed. Also, try to find some bird vitamins, as seed isnt enough nutrition for him.

Once the bird is relaxed, eating, he will make noise.

Hope this helps!
Good luck, and enjoy your new friend!

May 14, 2012
Parrot in India needs help
by: Tracie

It would be best for you to Find an Avian Vet to take your bird to for an exam and have the vet suggest what you can do there in India. If you can not get the bird to an avian vet, then contact the vet clinic there and get advise. We have vets listed at the link above you can contact.

Another thing you can do, is contact a bird breeder in India and get advise from them. Do NOT contact breeders that sell unweaned birds, they do not care about the birds, they are just into breeding for the money. Many birds die before weaning because of this practice.

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