regurgitating 2yr old male lovebird

my 2 year old male, hand reared lovebird constantly regurgitates over his perches, bells and toys.
His cage door is open most of the time, but he doesn't want to come out too much, and when he does come out he spends most of his time on my shoulder, but he doesn't feed me!
could someone please advise?

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Apr 11, 2010
Lovebird regurgitating on things
by: Tracie

I can't tell for sure by your description, but our budgies mess up everything in their cage too. In fact, we keep the cage over a foot from the wall, and the wall gets stuff on it too. :-(

We have to clean their toys and perches often, to get all the "stuff" they bring up off. As Linda said though, it is tough to tell from your description if your bird is sick or if this is normal behavior. Your bird should see an avian vet once a year, so maybe now would be a good time to take your bird in?

Apr 10, 2010
regurgitating 2yr old male lovebird
by: Linda

This probably is a sign of illness, and please take your bird to an Avian Vet for an examination, diagnosis and proper medicines as soon as you can. That much vomiting is NOT normal, and sounds like bird does not have much energy either which is another sign of a sick bird. Sick birds DO NOT GET WELL WITHOUT THE MEDICAL SERVICES PROVIDED BY AN AVIAN VET, so do not delay taking him to a proper vet as he will become sicker and sicker until he dies from it. Birds do not "get over" infections like we do without help from an Avian Vet.


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