Regurgitation & How Many Nuts Are Too Many?

by Lynn
(Waldorf, Maryland)

Hi, I have a Blue & Gold Macaw @ 5yrs. old, who constantly throws up on just about anything and everything she has and then re-eats it. Most of the time she reswallows it and there never seems to be a problem.
She even throw up on me and re-eats it before I can clean it up. Although I know this can be sexually related, it is a rather strange thing to try and explain when people come and see her!

She appears to be healthy, has a good appetite, is very strong and playful with a great and fun personality...Is there still reason for concern? She recently had a complete workup and physical w/the avian vet and labs appeared normal. Her stool is normal- white(urine) and avocado green - sometimes watery ... but, this is very inconsistent.

Her appetite is great! I have a Blue - Throated Macaw also, that has a cage right next to her and they appear great company for each other (this one in female also).

It seems rather strange though that she works so hard to purposefully throw her food up... and then re-eat it! It seems like a tremondous amount of work and effort... And she loves a soft blanket in her cage on the grate which I change out and wash everyday! She loves her blankie! What to do ???

My second concern, is that even though i feed my birds Harrison's pellets, they still love their nuts!... How many nuts are too many? I am concerned about the fat content.

Roxanna, the blue and gold - she loves walnuts and peanuts in the shell... the other one Cheyenne, the blue throated, loves almonds and peanuts in the shell. And they both love pistachios! There is an endless supply of these if it is not too much... but me being a nurse... I wonder even though the protein is high along w/fiber... do I need to be extremely concerned with potential for quick weight gain as well cholesterol increase???

They also get cooked and raw fruits and veg.twice a day - fresh. Please help so I can modify their diet more if needed. Thanks a Million! Lynn

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Feb 01, 2012
Bird may have bornavirus
by: Tracie

This may not be sexually related. Your bird needs to be seen immediately by an avian specialist. This could be bornavirus, Avian Gastric Yeast, infections of other kinds, or many other possibilities.

Find an Avian Vet

Do not leave nuts in the cage all the time. Give 4-5 large nuts and may 10 small nuts daily at the most. Stop giving peanuts in the shell immediately. These almost always have aspergillus mold toxins that are deadly. Yes you need to be concerned about fat weight gain and high cholesterol. You should have some basic blood work on file to monitor these and other parameters. Don’t wait till your bird is sick to see a veterinarian.

The best way to feed them is fee Harrison's as 80% of the diet and the rest can be healthy treats.

Dr B

Jan 31, 2012
How many nuts are too many nuts for birds?
by: Tracie

Hopefully Dr B will answer this soon, but he has had some personal issues that has kept him from answering questions lately.

Dr B recently DID answer someone that had a similar problem with regurgitating and he suggested they Find an Avian Vet to examine their bird.

Dr B has told other bird owners that nuts are fine in very limited amounts. Look at the small amount 80% pellets are in the dish, then realize the other 20% can be healthy treats, and you see that maybe one nut or part of a nut could be a part of the remaining 20%.

As Linda said, nuts are high fat, and most birds do not have a way to burn the extra fat, because they are not flying from tree to tree foraging etc.

Jan 31, 2012
Regurgitation & How Many Nuts Are Too Many?
by: Linda

Feed them NO nuts of any kind because they are nothing more than fat with low value proteins. I also think your bird is sick and needs immediate attention of an Avian Vet in your area. Throwing up undigested food is a sign of a possible very serious viral infection so have him checked for both bacterial and viral infections.

Do not feed anything except the Harrison's and the 15-20% organic fruit and veggies reccommened on the Harrisons bag. The nuts are making bird sick, and this will not end up very nicely.

Let us know what the Avian Vet has to say and hope all is well with your bird. Please do not delay getting to an Avian Vet immediately because it sounds like he is sick and will not get better until he has been diagnosed and treated by an avian vet.

Find an Avian Vet

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