i have an 10 month old meyers parrot, he seems to eat quite hardily, but almost every time i allow him to perch away from his cage, i find whole hulled seeds, and bits of partially softened food on the ground below his perch. why is he doing this? is it dangerous?

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May 11, 2015
by: kim

My African grey just started doing this every time I walk in the room , when we go for a walk . And its kind of grossing me out . But I still love him .

May 15, 2009
love bird
by: Anonymous

i have a lovebird that does the same thing. if he is in a really cuddly mood with me then he regugitates. but one time he got a hold of a poisones plaant and the next morning he couldnt stop regurgitating. he was fine after that, but we got rid of the plant in a hurry! another time, he regurgitated for no reason and out came a piece of rubber from his favorite toy! we got rid of that in a hurry too! he might be getting rid of excess food and if worse comes to worse, he would have a digestion problem. but your bird sounds fine. dont worry too much unless you are sure that something is wrong.

Oct 22, 2008
Meyers' Parrot regurgitation
by: Tracie

It sounds like he may just be "in love" with a toy or something, but it would be good to take him to an avian vet to make sure.

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