re-homing rainbow lorikeet

by Kathryn

I am thinking about re-homing my rainbow lorikeet and am only wanting him to go to a home where he will be happy!

There is a possibility that i could get him a home not far from where i live, only thing is that he would be going into an outside aviary (he is currently an inside bird) with a number of other rainbow lorikeets(unsure how many).

My question is would he be OK going from inside to outside at this time of year and would he be OK being with other rainbow Lorikeets? (he has always been an only bird). He is aged about three years.

Thanks in advance!!

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Apr 24, 2009
Moving rainbow lorikeet outdoors
by: The Vet

That is too cold. I don?t think you should move your bird outside in those temps. Maybe wait until it gets warm and this will give your bird time to acclimate until next winter. But, those temps are too low for those birds. They could have set up that allow them indoor access in the coldest times. If so, your bird should be OK if allowed to acclimate.

Dr B

Apr 23, 2009
our climate
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that.
It is coming into winter here at the moment, currently gets down to around 5 degree Celsius at night. in the winter it usually doesn't go below don't think that temp will hurt him seeing he is used to being indoors??

Apr 23, 2009
Putting lorikeet in outdoor aviary
by: The Vet

I don't know what you climate is there, but he will probably be fine outside, given that other lories are doing well there. He will have an adjustment period, but will likely enjoy that life more than being caged indoors.

Dr. B

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