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I have a double yellow headed amazon parrot, if i were to get another bird how easy would it be for my bird to get used to another bird or would it be a bad idea? I know some birds are very territorial of people or simply don't like other birds.

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Jun 11, 2012
Getting another bird
by: Tracie

Thanks for asking before purchasing! :-)

It is impossible to know if the birds will ever get along. They may get along right away, they may fight for a week, a month or years and eventually get along.

If you purchase another bird, just purchase another cage etc. and plan on keeping them separate forever, and then just wait and see if they someday decide they want to be together. (You didn't say if you hoped they would share a cage, but wanted to cover that just in case.)

Also, make sure you know the gender of both birds, so you don't end up accidentally breeding birds. They may not take care of their young and you will have quickly learn how to hand feed birds and you may also have two birds that want nothing to do with you.

If you do purchase another bird, please read the "Should I get another GC conure" article on our Parrot Training page to see how we helped our two birds get along outside their cages and then eventually moved them in together.

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