Relaxing in Aruba

by Franke Seegers

Just Hangin' Around

Just Hangin' Around

A few months ago I bought 2 "love Birds" (Agapornis roseicollis). I had them in a small cage at first, but they did not seem very happy. So I made them a huge cage about 6'x3'x3'. I moved them at night, and they went to sleep right away, they have a strict "rythem". The next day it seemed like they had a huge smile on their faces, their attitude changed in a good way because they now have enough space to move and fly around. I also built a "wooden box" with a hole in it so they can build a nest. I put some leaves and stuff in the cage and after that I put in a "palm" which they destroyed in a few days building a nest! the female cuts the leaves in small straws and hides them in her feathers and then takes them to the "box". It is really fun to see. the male does not really participate in that, sometimes he just takes the "straws" out of the female's feathers....hahaha by the way, their names are Dora & Diego, like the cartoon. (We have a 5 year old daughter). Anyway I hope that they will breed. The only mistake I made, is that I cannot access the "wooden box" nor can I see what is goin' on inside.
This is about it,....I really enjoy my birds and if anyone is interested in more of my pictures let me know.
The one on this picture is "Diego" the male...he's just hangin' around. I find it an exclusive picture, you don't get oportunities like this all the time.

Franke Seegers Aruba

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Apr 23, 2010
Relaxing in Aruba
by: Linda

Franke, what a delightful story that has made my day, and maybe my whole week! Thank You so much

Diego and Dora are lucky birds, and the cage you built for them is the size I love to hear about. ALL birds need the room to fly if they want to even if it's from one perch to another. It also keeps the birds in good condition, and there are much less problems with egg-binding because hen is physically fit before she tries to lay an egg.

Lots of parrots sit around in their smaller cages all the time, and then when they go to lay an egg, they are unable to pass it and either have to go to vet as an emergency or die trying to lay the egg. So you are a wonderful, thoughtful person to have UNDERSTOOD what they were trying to tell you!

About the nest box, it needs a slider door right behind the hole when you have time to take it out and do that. This allows you access to the box if you have the kind that hangs on the outside of cage which recommnded. Only the hole and perch are on the inside of cage. It means cutting a flap door in cage size of the box width, sanding down or covering rough/sharp edges and locking it down with clips or other mechanism when box is out. This box is the one most used by breeders because both eggs and babies have to be checked on regularly, and once eggs are laid, the birds will become somewhat violent and protective of their nest as you will probably soon find out.That's why the slider piece needs to be directly behind the box opening. Birds will attack you if you don't put this in place. You can take the box out and redesign the whole thing anytime you wish before she lays an egg as it won't cause any undue stress at this early point.

Anyway, I am mad at you for being in Aruba, and me here in Tennessee!!! Take care and keep the pictures coming our way as I'll "get over" my Aruba Envy shortly,


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