Rescued blue crown - relentless screaming

by Kyle

Blue Crown Conure

Blue Crown Conure

I recently adopted a blue crown conure that was seized during a drug raid... I suspect that he was wild at one point, because when he hears other parrots outside he starts running all over his cage and doing his flock call. He's also very antisocial, whenever I move around in my room he runs to the far corner of his cage. He's also got a broken wing(evidence of either abuse or somebody caught him in their front yard.)

That's not so much the problem though, my problem is that whenever his cage is uncovered and can see light, he starts screaming and will not stop unless I put the towel back over his cage or turn the lights out and cover the windows. I work nights so I have to do this a lot or else he keeps me up all day and gives me a splitting headache. I don't like to do this to him though, it doesn't seem right but it's my only choice aside from giving him away because he's 'disabled'

Now that I've explained the situation, my question: Is there a way to get a bird to stop the violent screaming in a kind way, or is this something you can't quite train.

(Too much for the caption)
The picture is from one of the times I had the top of his cage open and he decided to jump off. He wouldn't get in my hand so I had to take a dowel and hold it in front of him to lift him back inside.

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Apr 10, 2011
Yr Blue Crown
by: Jennie

OMG!!! The poor thing!!! Please listen to Linda, the msg above mine! She is right! A exotic bird vet is in total need!!!

Tell them the story of the bird and maybe they will go easy with the bill! I have a Blue Crown Conure and he didnt have a great start to life either but i stuck in there with him and he is 27 years old now! I was 16 years old when i rescued him, im now 40 this year!

Blue Crown's are the most gentle of all parakeets and a pleasure to have and also an privilege to have one's company! You do need to get him to a vet my hun and quickly!! Im suprised he was not checked out when he was taken from this awful situation b4 he was passed on to you! I thought that was a common practice with the police that all animals have be checked by the RSPCA. Dont quote me on that as im not 100% sure on that one!

Good Luck Hun, hold in there it will be worth it! But he does need a vet like Linda said!

Jennie xxx

Apr 08, 2011
Rescued blue crown - relentless screaming
by: Linda

You say bird has a broken wing, yet I did not hear when you took him to an Avian Vet to have the wing set so it can heal correctly. Birds feel the same kinds of pain we do, and yours may be in a lot of agony with a wing that hurts all day and night. If you did not take this abused, neglected bird to an Avian Vet right away, you have no idea what all may be wrong with him.

Get this bird to an Avian Vet, as quickly as is possible if you haven't already. What I'm hearing from you is that you have not taken him to be checked out by an avian vet even though the druggies who had him might have poisoned him with drugs, broken his wing and God only knows what else.

You have made a commitment to this bird's health and well-being, and no one else has that's for sure. Get this bird to an Avian Vet and make sure his wing is fixed, bloodwork is done that could show infection or poisoning with some kind of drugs and a general checkover to make sure no other bones are broken.

Coming from druggies home means the bird was neglected by being either covered all the time and not fed, watered or exercised. It also means bird could have been locked in dark closet or basement with the same results.

Your bird is special needs and unless you have some compassion in there somewhere, Find an Avian Vet and see if they can take him and get him the medical, mental and physical services he needs so badly.

Hopefully, I have not appeared to be rude or not understanding. I am telling you what this bird needs and has needed since you happened to get him so cheaply. He is sick, possibly mentally ill and has suffered unknown horrors at the hands of people who simply used him for trading on drugs. He has suffered more than anyone should have to, and possibly he thought you were going to be his savior. Please help him.


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