Rescued Conure Problem

by Anita

Hi I recently only feeding him got a little dusky conure from a bad situation! The people brought him to me in a small rusty cage that the paint was chipping off of! They were only feeding him sunflower seeds, he had no idea what a perch was( he can perch) and had never even seen a toy! Needless to say I was angry but took him anyway to get him away from their neglect!

Since I have had him I put him on Roudybush maintenence diet! He is still skinny but I have only had him for a short time and he just started the new food! Otherwise he is in good health and is very active! My question is how can i get him to eat fresh foods? He will not touch it! He also will not touch a mineral block!

Also since he isnt eating that varied of a diet should i put him on some type of vitamin/mineral supplement? If so what brand or type? There are no avian vets near me! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

Ps: I also have just ordered a playstand and UVB bulb and lamp for him as well!

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Feb 23, 2013
My Dusky R.J.
by: colleenn

Boy does this sound familar.When R.J.came to me[37] yrs ago not only was his cage rusty..there were several #2 pencials in the botton of his cage??? The owner's repy was R.J pulls them out of our hand when we poke him,, when he chatters too much..I rescued him ..Apples ,Apples !! sliced semi-thin ,Dip a saltine cracker quickly. Grapes sliced and any summer fruit .Make a nlittlt dish flattish and put in cage ..Remember, he been usedto sunflowers and lousy onwners,Just keep giving it to everyday ,,Must be fresh everyday ..The best thing you can do to make him happy while he is in his cage..Find a way to fit a nesting box or a small bidrhouse..they love them.put a hand towle or something cotton tThe love metal mirrors w/sturdy bells.I miss my Little R.J..he recently past.Have fun XO Colleen

Feb 21, 2013
Rescued conure diet help
by: Tracie

You are doing great! Do NOT put him on any vitamin supplement unless your avian vet prescribed it. You can cause kidney or liver failure by giving your bird such things. If you are feeding 80% high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush and only 20% seeds and healthy treats, then all is good.

If the bird has not been examined by an avian vet, then you should do that. The bird could be sick or even have a disease. If you don't know of an avian vet, as opposed to a dog/cat vet that may treat birds, then you can use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

Dog/cat vets mean well, but they honestly don't usually have the experience and training to deal with parrots and often accidentally injure or kill them.

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