Rescued rainbow lorikeet

by Kat

About 2 years ago i rescued a baby rainbow lori, and all has been well so far, but i never really handtrained him very well, he lets me scratch him, but doesnt like much more contact than that.
I noticed what seems to be a lump on his neck today, and was wondering if I could still take him to a vet, despite him not being very tame?

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Mar 02, 2009
Vet visit
by: Anonymous

My birds are very tame with me only, and both go to the vet. You can pick them up in a washcloth to get into a carrier- this is what my vet does at the clinic as not to get bit.
By all means, take you babay to an avian vet. Better safe than sorry.

Mar 02, 2009
Taking lorikeet to the vet
by: Tracie

Avian vets are not there just for tame birds. They treat even wild birds that get injured. Breeders take their birds that are not hand tame also.

An avian vet will know how to handle a bird that is not hand tame.

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